Videos of Audio Commons talks @ Sónar +D available

Last June Audio Commons was present at Sónar +D, an international conference about creativity, technology, and cultural industries that happens inside Sónar festival in Barcelona. We organized a panel with the title “Creative Commons for the Creative Industries” in which we discussed about different perspectives and specific examples that provide a vision on how Creative Commons content can be used by creative industries, create economical return for content creators, and how to address specific legal aspects. You can now watch the video of the full panel here. More information about the presenters can be found in the original news entry announcing the panel.

In addition, Audio Commons also hosted a challenge in Sónar Innovation Challenge. The topic of the challenge was “musical instruments for interacting with creative commons audio”, and an amazing team of 5 creators worked hard on the challenge and came up with Freesound Trip, a web application for exploring Freesound Creative Commons content in a three-dimensional space and generate crazy soundscapes synced to a metronome and ready to be used as your backing music track ;) Here you can see the video of the presentation of Freesound Trip at Sónar Innovation Challenge. You can also play with the application.