, by Frederic Font

Audio Commons Mediator (V1)

The Audio Commons Mediator is a central piece in the Audio Commons Ecosystem which facilitates the interconnection of all services and allows developers to access them using a unified API. The Audio Commons Mediator implements the Audio Commons API specification which is a RESTful endpoint to access Audio Commons services and content. The Audio Commons mediator also manages Audio Commons user accounts and links them with 3rd party services user accounts when needed. To get started connecting to the Audio Commons Ecosystem please use the links below.

Open Audio Commons API docs (v1)

Open Audio Commons Mediator (v1)

More information about the Audio Commons Mediator V1, API and how to connect to the Audio Commons Ecosystem can be found in the Audio Commons documents Deliverable 2.5 and Deliverable 2.6. Note that this is the first version of the Audio Commons Mediator which does not support Semantic Web requests and responses. Note also that the Audio Commons services, mediator and API are in a prototyping state. Performance might not be optimal and some errors and inconsistencies might appear here and there. You can report bugs and provide general feedback by opening issues in the source code repository.