, by Frederic Font

Audio Commons Audio Extractor: Web Demonstrator

The Audio Commons Extractor Web Demonstrator is a tool that allows you to search in Freesound and filter content using some of the Audio Commons descriptors for music samples developed during the Audio Commons project.

Open the Audio Commons Extractor Web Demonstrator

You can use the provided search interface below to set the filters for your query, including tonality , tempo, pitch, loopines,single-eventness, brightness, hardness and depth. Filters can be enabled and disabled by clicking on them. Note the circular knobs in the tonality, tempo and pitch filters. Use them to set the minimum confidence of the annotations for the returned results. The higher you set the knob (turn right), the more accurate results you should obtain.

More information about the Audio Commons Audio Extractor can be found in this and this blog posts. The Audio Commons Audio Extractor has been devleoped by the Music Technology Group and is available in this source code repository.